Scott Page | Track Captain Talks Leadership & Community

Men’s Track Captain Scott Page appreciates both the rewards and the challenges that come with being a Student Athlete and an involved campus leader.  As a graduating senior, he also believes his experience has allowed him to truly appreciate the network of support he has built over the past few years here at WSU.

2018 Emerge Leadership Philosophies

At the culmination of each semester's Emerge Leadership Circle, students share their personal leadership philosophies. These philosophies are the culmination of a semester's learning and reflection, and each is as unique as the participant themselves.

SGA President Maribel Mateo | Advocating for All Students

Student Government President Mariel Mateo | Advocating for All Students Student Government Association (SGA) President Maribel Mateo has persisted through many struggles as a first-generation college student. However, she has not only survived, but thrived as a Worcester State student, and she is determined to advocate for students so that they also thrive here on campus. Maribel took the time to share her journey with us, and with you.

Student Omolara Ojo Talks Culture & Representation on Campus

Nigerian American Omolara Ojo is an extremely involved student leader at WSU.  She understands the importance of incoming students seeing people that look like them in leadership roles on campus. Therefore, Omolara has dedicated her time at Worcester State to making sure this happens.  She recently took some time to share her story with us.  We are excited to share it with you.

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