The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development provides a variety of opportunities for Worcester State students to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills. At the center of these experiences are our Circles of Leadership: Emerge, Engage, and Excel.

The Emerge Leadership Circle is a weekly workshop program held each semester to help students build their foundational leadership skills while developing a personal leadership philosophy. Students must apply for Emerge.

You can learn more about Emerge here.

The Engage Leadership Circle is the second level of our weekly workshop programs, and is structured for students who have previously completed Emerge. The Engage program focuses on expanding on the ideas introduced through Emerge while incorporating new topics that are more situated for students who have already built their foundational leadership skills.

You can learn more about Engage here.

The Excel Leadership Circle is the culminating Leadership Circle experience, and is open for students who have completed both Emerge and Engage.

You can learn more about Excel here.

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