The Worcester State University Leadership Clearinghouse is an online tool providing relevant and engaging leadership resources to the University community. Resources that range from personal skills assessments to scholarly articles will be linked below and made available for you to learn from. Resources will be continually updated throughout the year.

Leadership Styles & Skills Assessments

Leadership assessments can provide a great jumping-off point to learn more about your strengths and areas of improvement. While no assessment can boast 100% accuracy, they can be vital in gaining a better understanding of yourself. Below you will find links to free online assessments that can help you learn more about who you are and how you work.

VIA Character Strengths Study – Discover your greatest strengths so you can use them in your everyday life.
16 Personalities – A free, slimmed-down version of the traditional Myers-Briggs assessment.
Enneagram Personality Test – Assigns you to one of nine personality types.
Leadership Style Assessment – USC has developed a free leadership style assessment that will assign you to one of six styles of leadership.
8-Minute Leadership Test – Learn more about your effectiveness as a leader.

Articles & Resource Lists

Click here to read our recommended Leadership Booklist from the 2020 Leadership Symposium
Click here to read our recommended Leadership Resources from the 2020 Leadership Symposium

How to Assess Your Leadership Skills – Northeastern University has compiled a list of tools you can use to assess your leadership skills.


BetterHelp – This site provides information on mental health, and has a section on personality assessments that can offer unique insight.


How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers — and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling.

Learning from Leadership’s Missing Manual
Fields Wicker-Miurin
Leadership doesn’t have a user’s manual, but Fields Wicker-Miurin says stories of remarkable, local leaders are the next best thing. At a TED salon in London, she shares three.

Everyday Leadership
Drew Dudley
We have all changed someone’s life — usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives.

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders
Cheryl Sandberg
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions — and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite.

The Difference Between Winning & Succeeding
John Wooden
With profound simplicity, Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves. In this inspiring talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA, quotes poetry and remembers his father’s wisdom.

The Science of Women’s Leadership
Alexis Kanda-Olmstead
Why are there so few women leaders? Weaving together scientific research and personal narrative, Alexis Kanda-Olmstead explains why women may be reluctant to take on leadership roles and what we – women and men – can do to disrupt the powerful internal forces that undermine women’s leadership aspirations and confidence.

Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life, & Leadership
Oprah Winfrey
During a student-led interview at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Oprah Winfrey shares seminal moments of her career journey and the importance of listening to your instincts. Winfrey also offers advice to students on how to find their calling: “Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”

Losing My Privilege: What Becoming a Minority Taught Me About Leadership
Chris Bergeron
For nearly 40 years Chris Bergeron led the life of a straight male leader. She enjoyed some success: ran a magazine, worked as a Creative Director, won some awards. The typical life of a white male creative. Then she came out as transgender and began living her life as her true self. This talk explores how being suddenly thrust into the realities of life as a member of a visible and sexual minority has affected her vision of the workplace and fundamentally transformed her views on leadership.

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