Did you miss a workshop from this year’s Leadership Symposium? We’ve got you covered! Workshop recordings from the 2021 Leadership Symposium can be viewed below or directly on YouTube.

Managing Conflict: A Primer
Despite being an everyday part of relationships, most people are very uncomfortable with being in conflict. Learning basic conflict management skills can be important for leaders. This workshop will discuss what happens to our body and brain during strong disagreements while providing conflict resolution tools that can improve communication and connection.
The Language of Leadership
Leadership is a process, not a position. This session is intended for those interested in understanding the practices, roles, and responsibilities of leaders. This session will be a participant-driven, participant-led chat about the elements of leadership, the differences between managing and leading. Stepping up to provide leadership guidance, engaging others, communicating, and supporting others is explored.
The Resilient Leader
This workshop will explore the impact of traumatic stress on leadership abilities. Participants will learn symptoms of burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress, as well as prevention and intervention techniques. Attention will be given to the impact of traumatic stress as a result of the current environment, and ways to apply a trauma informed approach to foster self care and resilience in leadership.
Leading So Others Follow
Becoming a leader is different for everyone. But one things remains a constant- being people focused. Learn about gaining the attention of those around you to become a great leader.
Empowering Women to Lead
Discuss skills and strategies to help women develop as leaders on campus and beyond. Topics include self-advocacy, communication/networking, inclusive leadership, building confidence, collaboration/teamwork as well as utilizing their unique strengths as women.
Good leaders care about how to motivate others; how to help others find energy, mobilize their efforts, and persist in the face of challenges. Self-Determination Theory, a framework for studying human motivation, proposes that humans have universal and basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. This workshop will help future leaders think about concrete ways in which they can create climates that meet these psychological needs in the service of fostering high quality motivation, performance, persistence, and creativity in others.
Straight Talk from Top Leaders
The CEO of John Hancock, the Chairman of Bose Corporation, and a high level government official share their views of why organizations need employees with an entrepreneurial mindset, and how this ability to quickly sense, take action, and get organized under uncertain conditions translates into professional success.
Leading from Where You Are
You don’t have to be the president or even on your club’s executive board to be a leader. Leading is a lifelong learning process and everyone has the capacity to lead. Learn how to influence up, down, and across and how to effectively lead from where you are.
Influence & the Economics of Credibility
This thought provoking session explores the nature and importance of influence in a broad context. It applies the concept of credibility as a form of currency that can be invested, lent, borrowed, and squandered. The hope is to inspire participants to be lifelong students of influence.
Becoming the Kind of Leader You Want to Follow
What are some of the key characteristics of a good leader and how can we develop those in our lives? We will discuss how acts of service (volunteering), doing justice, and going through difficult times shape people into good leaders. We will also learn tools that can help you grow as a leader.
Empathy in Leadership
This session asks participants to think about empathy in terms of connecting with others as fellow human beings and the positive outcomes that empathy can bring to leadership. Participants will learn how to be proactive rather than reactive in their interpersonal relationships as leaders, helping others feel the sense of belonging that they need in order to be their best selves.
Leading from the Middle
Do you see yourself as a leader? In this session, you will be presented with examples of how individuals lead from their current social positions. We will introduce you to the Skills Approach to Leadership and provide you with the Skills Inventory tool to evaluate your current abilities. This session will leave you with a new perspective on the leadership skills you already possess and how to develop additional ones.
Storytelling in Leadership
“Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to make it happen, despite the obstacles.” –John Kotter
Leadership is impossible without the ability to communicate and tell stories. This session will discuss the keys to being able to effectively communicate your ideas and feel your passion while doing so. Story telling has powered civilization since we were painting stories in caves. Participants will walk away knowing how to better exercise and develop this vital skill.
Dare to Do
Hybrid presentation on personal leadership style, multicultural competency, excellence, motivation and social responsibility. Will largely aimed at sharing from my experiences but also getting attendees to discover the leader in them.
How Undergraduate Research Develops Leadership Skills
This talk will explain how undergraduate research in a laboratory develops leadership skills. By highlighting a variety of student projects, the audience will learn how to find research opportunities and understand the expectations. Students currently involved in research will reflect on their own experiences.
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