Student Organizations

There are many opportunities throughout the year for members of student organizations to practice and improve their leadership skills. Read below to learn more about available opportunities.

Executive Leadership Council Meetings

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ELC meetings are held once a month or more, and provide an opportunity for students representing all active student organizations to come together and discuss upcoming events, as well as request event support as needed. ELC also provides the OSILD an opportunity to share any important information that student groups need to be aware of.

Remaining ELC meetings for the academic year are listed below:

September 13
October 4
October 25
November 15
December 6
January 24
February 14
March 6
April 3
April 24

Additional Programs

Each year, the OSILD offers a comprehensive Student Leader Dinner for all new and continuing campus student leaders. This orientation will focus on training student leaders to successfully work with their organizations and with each other.

The annual Leadership Summit provides an opportunity for students leaders to leave campus for a weekend and immerse themselves in a leadership curriculum. The Summit focuses on the personal and professional development of our student leaders.




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