There are many opportunities throughout the year for members of student organizations to practice and improve their leadership skills. Read below to learn more about available opportunities.

Executive Leadership Council Meetings

ELC meetings are held once a month or more, and provide an opportunity for students representing all active student organizations to come together and discuss upcoming events, as well as request event support as needed. ELC also provides the OSILD an opportunity to share any important information that student groups need to be aware of.

For 202012021, all ELC meetings will be held virtually. The ELC meeting link will be emailed to all organization presidents to share with their members, or can be requested from your Program Coordinator. Meetings are scheduled for Fridays from 12:30-2pm.

Fall Semester
September 11
September 25
October 16
November 6
December 4

Spring Semester
February 19
March 12
April 9
April 30

ELC Meeting Minutes

EPT and Budgeting Workshops

All students who are responsible for planning events within their organization are required to attend an Event Planning Training, which includes and overview of applicable policies and procedures. Due to the many changes to campus events for fall 2021, an updated version of EPT will take place during the initial meeting with your Program Coordinator in September. Please contact your Program Coordinator if you have any questions. We have also scheduled virtual EPT sessions for the dates listed below. Workshops will last 30 minutes. Please contact your Program Coordinator to receive Zoom link for your selected workshop.

Fall Semester
Friday, October 2, 12:30pm
Monday, October 5, 1pm
Wednesday, October 7, 3pm
Thursday, October 15, 10am

Budgeting Training are mandatory for all student organization Treasurers and highly recommended for the organization President. Budgeting Workshops cover the policies and procedures for processing bills, purchase orders, keeping the books, and depositing money. Due to changes to purchasing and payment procedures for the fall semester, an updated virtual Budgeting Training will be made available to all student organization Treasurers and other interested members via Zoom. The Budget Training meeting link will be emailed to all organization presidents to share with their members, or can be requested from your Program Coordinator. Meetings will last 30 minutes.
Click here to register for a Budget Training.

Fall Semester
Friday, September 11, 2pm
Friday, September 25, 9am
Monday, September 28, 11am
Monday, October 5, 3pm
Thursday, October 8, 3pm
Friday, December 4, 2pm

Spring Semester
Monday, February 8, 2:30pm
Thursday, February 18, 3pm
Friday, February 26, 2pm

Additional Programs

Each year, the OSILD offers a comprehensive Student Leader Orientation for all new and continuing campus student leaders. This orientation will focus on training student leaders to successfully work with their organizations and with each other. Student Leader Orientation has been postponed for fall 2020.

The annual Leadership Summit provides an opportunity for students leaders to leave campus for a weekend and immerse themselves in a leadership curriculum. The Summit focuses on the personal and professional development of our student leaders.

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